About TradeManager

The TradeManager window displays trade and account activity. All orders are logged to the TradeManager window on a real-time basis when TradeStation is open. Orders are color-coded so you can differentiate between different order statuses at a glance. The colors are updated in real-time as the status of your orders changes. You can also quickly close positions and cancel orders from the TradeManager window, as well as view your order history.

Create a TradeManager window by clicking the TradeManager icon on the Apps tab. A new TradeManager window is displayed.


The filter bar is located in the upper section of the TradeManager window. Below the filter bar, there are several tabs where order information is viewed.

Toolbar - Provides drop-down menus that control the features and settings of the window.

Filter Bar - Allows you to view orders for a specified symbol filter. Also, lets you filter based on account number, order status, and date range.

To view or hide the filter bar, use the View > Account Filter Bar setting.

Detail Pane - Displays information for the selected tab.

Tabs - Each tab contains columns that you can use to sort your account information, as well as filters.

To add or remove columns, right mouse-click on any column name to view the shortcut menu, and choose Customize Columns. For more information, view the Customize Columns and Rows help topic. For column descriptions, see the TradeManager Column Library.

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Similar functionality is available in the Mobile and Web Trading versions of TradeStation.