TradeManager - Balances

The TradeManager Balances tab displays the details of all financial activity that takes place in your TradeStation account.

 Access from the TradeManager window by selecting the Balances tab.

 VIDEO - Monitoring Balances in TradeManager

By default, the Balances tab is partitioned into sections, displaying all asset types simultaneously. The Account No drop-down list allows you to display a specific asset type (Equities/Options, Futures), or specify a certain TradeStation account that you currently have open. For general information, see About TradeManager.

The elements of the Balances tab

  • Asset Type Column - Contains fields that are displayed in rows for the specific asset type.
  • Account No Column - Contains values and other information that provides specific details related to the field in the row.
  • Show/Hide   - Used in the Account No column for all account types, and in the Currency Column for Futures. The show/hide buttons allows you to show or hide the details listed within the selected fields.
  • Label Rows - The rows on the Balances tab are grouped into sections with label rows, in black, that serve as headings for those sections of rows. You can add, remove, or edit the names of the label rows:
    • Add: To add a new label row, right-mouse click where you want the new label row to appear, and choose Add Label.
    • Edit: To edit a label row, right-mouse click on the label row that you want to change, and choose Edit Label. Or, double-click on the label row and enter the new text.
    • Remove: To remove a label row, right-mouse click on the label row that you want to remove, and choose Delete Label.
  • Expand/Collapse / - Used to show or hide the P/L breakdown by symbol for each category.
  • Base Currency Column - Displays the total amount for the selected field, denominated in the base currency.
  • Currency Columns - Displays the amount for the specific currency ledger. All currency columns within the account number totals to the base currency column. For Futures, the currency column only applies if you trade Futures symbols that are non-USD denominated.

Balance summaries are available for any Equities/Options, Futures accounts that are active in TradeStation. For multiple accounts in an asset category, the balances for each account will display in a separate column.

For information about a specific row in a balances summary, see TradeManager Balances Row Library.

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