Welcome to the TradeStation® Platform Help

TradeStation® is a comprehensive trading platform that gives you the ability to execute trades, monitor your positions, analyze markets, and create custom analysis and strategy trading tools. The following topics introduce you to the main features in TradeStation.

Learning to Use TradeStation

You can use the TradeStation Help system to learn about TradeStation's full set of features. Access help directly from the platform by clicking a Help button or selecting help from the right-click menu in most TradeStation windows. You can search for information using the help search box, or by browsing the navigation menu and the topic outline on each page

 VIDEO - Finding TradeStation Desktop Help Quickly and Easily

To find a list of platform videos, enter "video" in the help search engine. You can also use VideoStation to access our extensive library of educational videos straight from the platform.

Order Entry and Trade Management

TradeStation's manual Trade Bars (many window specific) and advanced Matrix single-click order window let you efficiently place trades for different asset classes. The integrated trade management tool allows you to view open orders, positions, and account balances at a glance.

Analysis and Strategy Trading

Powerful charting, drawing, and analysis capabilities allow you to visualize and trade the markets in real-time as well providing a broad perspective with years of historical data. In addition, TradeStation's strategy trading features allow you to backtest, optimize, and automate your trades based on the rules you specify.

Scanning and Ranking

TradeStation tools such as RadarScreen, Scanner, and Hot Lists allow you to find new trading opportunities using dynamic market scanning along with the ability to rank scanned results. OptionStation Pro provides innovative features to evaluate your theoretical and real option positions as well as search tools to identify options that meet your specified market criteria.

Market Data and Research

A variety of other tools assist you in viewing market data and depth, retrieving news articles, performing research, and keeping you informed about TradeStation.


The TradeStation platform is where you create and arrange TradeStation's trading, analysis, scanning, and market data tools into multiple desktops and workspaces that reflect your own trading needs. In addition, the TradeStation data network seamlessly supplies you with real-time and years of historical data to support virtually all of your analysis and trading needs.

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