Research Window

The Research window displays company research and fundamental data for a symbol. When you open a new Research window, it is automatically based on the currently selected symbol in the active window. If there is no symbol currently selected in the active window or no active window in your workspace, the most recent symbol specified in the Command Line is used. You can use the Command Line to change the symbol after you have opened the new Research window or enter a symbol name into the Symbol box of the Research window. For more information on using the Command Line, see About the Command Line.

To create a Research window, click the Research icon from the Apps tab, or use the Main File > New Application > Research menu sequence. A new Research window is displayed.

 VIDEO - The Research Window


The Research window contains tabs located near the top of each page that link to each research page.  

Research window pages include:

  • Highlights
  • Profile
  • Valuation
  • Profitability
  • Capitalization  
  • Quarterly Results
  • Financial Strength
  • Industry Comparisons

Change Research Symbol

You can quickly change the symbol in a Research window using the command line or by entering it into the Symbol box of the Research window.

To change the symbol in the Research window, enter the symbol in the Research window's Symbol box and press ENTER.

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