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In the Desktop, you can create new workspaces and add windows to these workspaces. This allows you to view and analyze Chart Analysis windows, RadarScreen windows, News windows, TradingApps, EasyLanguage documents, and more. For all open workspaces, you can also receive alert information and monitor strategy orders. Each of these windows is important and, when used properly, provides you with powerful trading tools.

 VIDEO - Creating TradingApps and Workspaces

You can have many windows open at the same time. There are several ways you can arrange windows to make it easy to move from one window to another. The topics below cover how to work with windows; for example, how to resize and reposition windows and how to turn title bars on and off as well as how to minimize, restore, and maximize windows.

The TradeStation Desktop has several main window types:

  • TradingApp - Trading and analysis tools, such as the built-in Chart Analysis, Matrix, or RadarScreen windows, as well as custom TradingApp windows created with EasyLanguage.
  • Report - The windows that hold reports, such as the Strategy Performance Report.

 The topics listed below do not cover working with report windows in your Desktop (for example, the Optimization Report). For information on report windows, see the documentation for each specific report.

Saving Windows

Individual windows cannot be saved directly but are saved as part of a workspace. When you save a workspace, all changes in all windows contained in the workspace are saved. In addition, you have the option of saving only your current workspace or all open workspaces at the same time.

  1. From the Main menu bar, click File > Workspaces > Save Workspace, or right-click on the workspace tab and select Save Workspace.
  2. If you've already named the workspace, the workspace and its changes are saved.
  3. If the workspace is new (Untitled Workspace), you are prompted to type a workspace name in the File box, then click Save
  4. All of the windows in the workspace have been saved. You can open the named workspace at any time to view the windows as they were saved.

 See Saving a Workspace for more on saving windows within a workspace.

Copying Windows

You can make a copy of the current window and paste it into any workspace. This allows you to make a duplicate copy of a particular window while keeping the original workspace intact.

  1. Activate a window to copy from.
  2. From the Menu bar, click Edit > Copy Window.
  3. Switch to the workspace or desktop where you want to add a window.
  4. From the Menu bar, click Edit > Paste Window to insert the copied window to desktop or workspace.

When you paste a window into a blank desktop, a new workspace is automatically created.

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