Refreshing TradeStation Windows

With the refresh feature, you can redraw a chart in a Chart Analysis window or reload the data displayed in a TradeStation window. In the case of Chart Analysis windows, you have a choice between redrawing the chart or reloading the data. Redrawing a chart simply means that the chart is replotted to remove any fragments left over from erasing or moving drawing object; the data is not re-requested from the TradeStation Network.

 To reload and recalculate a Chart Analysis window after completing a download, see Reloading and Recalculating Charts after a Download for instructions.

Chart Analysis Window

 Press the CTRL + R key sequence to request the data from the TradeStation Network again. This loads the new data and refreshes the window.

Other Windows

  • Select the items you want to refresh.

 Press the CTRL + R key sequence.

  • For the RadarScreen window, select the symbol(s) that you want to refresh.
  • For the News window, select the headline(s) that you want to refresh.
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