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Workspaces help you organize your trading ideas so you can concentrate on the markets and make decisions in a timely manner. Think of a workspace as a repository for related windows-a place where you can put related windows together on your screen. You can create a workspace to work with a particular stock, a group of stocks, an industry, a market, or group specific information that you want to view together. TradeStation includes four sample workspaces so you can get an idea of how they function. The sample workspaces are Chart Analysis, Futures, Options, and Stock Watch. To open a sample workspace, see Opening Workspaces for details. You can even use the sample workspaces as a building block for your own workspaces.

When you first create a workspace, it is blank. You then add windows to the workspace i.e. Chart Analysis, RadarScreen, TradingApp, etc. These windows are then saved as part of a workspace file with the extension .tsw. When you want to analyze other stocks, industries, or markets and want to keep your ideas separate, you can create additional workspaces; the Desktop makes it easy to switch between them.

You will work in one workspace at a time (only one workspace is visible at a time); this visible workspace is referred to as the "current workspace". However, TradeStation monitors all open workspaces for you, so while you are working in one workspace, TradeStation is actually monitoring activity in all open workspaces for you. And, there's no limit to the number of workspaces you can have opened at one time (other than your computer's resources).

 To maximize your computer's efficiency, keep open only the workspaces you really need.  

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