About the Time & Sales Window

In the Time & Sales window you can monitor Level I trades, as well as changes in the best bid and best ask prices. Level I trades are the actual trades taking place for a specific security. The Time & Sales window supports data for stocks, stock options, indexes, index options, forex, futures, futures options, and funds. You can display either real-time or historical data.

If you choose real-time data, you can display a certain number of ticks, a certain time period (in minutes), or all ticks recorded for the day. If you choose historical data, which is useful for examining the history of a security, you can display tick data recorded for a specific day or for a specific day and time period (up to 5 days back). The Time & Sales window can also help you gauge the support and resistance of certain price points in addition to the volume behind each trade. For these reasons, this window is often used in conjunction with the Market Depth window.

To create a Time & Sales window, click the Time & Sales icon on the Apps tab. A new Time & Sales window is displayed.

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A maximum number of 10,000 items may be displayed from the first requested date and/or start time.

Toolbar - Provides drop-down menus that control the features and settings of the window.

Quote Bar - Displays only the best Bid and best Ask data for a symbol.

This information is also known as Level I data. The default layout includes the following information for each symbol: Bid, Last, Net Chg, Open, High, Low, and Close. You can choose which columns to display in the Quote Bar and the order in which they are displayed. For more information, see Customizing Time & Sales Columns.

 Use the View > Quote Bar menu sequence to toggle the display of the Quote Bar. A check mark appears next to the Quote Bar menu item to indicate that it has been selected for display.

Detail Pane - The Detail pane shows time stamped quotes for each type of market event.

This provides detailed information in a column format: Time, Type, Price, Size, Exchange, and Condition. The most current market activity is shown in the top row. A new row is displayed for each trade, or when the price or volume of the best Bid or best Ask changes. Each event is displayed as a different color for easier viewing, as shown in the picture above.  

 For Forex quotes, a referred value in the Condition column indicates that the price is provided for reference only. Referred quotes are ignored by TradeStation and cannot be used by TradeStation to trigger activation rules, strategies, stops, limits, or any other price based trade.

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