About Studies

Studies are data analysis tools that provide a precise, calculated way to monitor and measure a market's price movement, strength, and financial performance. They can assist traders in making decisions related to entering, exiting, and/or staying in or out of the market. Most commonly, studies include technical data (price data, volume, momentum, and so on) in their technical analysis. For information on technical analysis, see What is Data Analysis?.

When applied to charts, studies let you graphically analyze market conditions, such as trends, trend reversals, and volatility by analyzing your data on a bar-by-bar basis. When inserted in a grid, such as RadarScreen, studies display the results of mathematical formulas as a value in a cell within a study column.

Studies allow you to set audible and/or visual alerts that will notify you when the market meets the conditions specified by the study. Information on the triggered alert is posted to the Message Center for your review. To enable alerts, see Enabling and Disabling Alerts for a Study. For information on the Message Center, see About the TradeStation Message Center.

Types of Studies

TradeStation contains a wide variety of studies, including several study types, such as:

You can apply studies to your charts and/or grids as they are defined, or you can change them to suit your own trading preferences and/or objectives.

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