About the Hot Lists Window

A Hot List window displays securities that meet a specific set of criteria, such as the highest volume of trades within a certain exchange. TradeStation offers Hot Lists based on an asset category and a selected exchange (or all exchanges) in combination with popular market activity lists. By default, lists include the top 25 results, but you can change the settings to display 50, 75, or 100 results as well.

TradeStation provides enhanced hot lists, as well as options and options-related equities hot lists. The options hot lists identify trading opportunities for options, while the options-related equities hot lists identify trading opportunities for equities based on options data, such as Implied Volatility, Puts/Calls Volume, and Puts/Calls Open Interest.

To create a Hot Lists window, click the Hot Lists icon from the Apps tab. A new Hot Lists window is displayed.

Note that you can also add a Hot List page to a RadarScreen window. This will allow you to add studies as columns to your Hot Lists and to utilize the full sorting and filtering capabilities that RadarScreen provides.

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Toolbar - Provides drop-down menus that control the features and settings of the window.

Activity - Specifies the parameters used to create a hot list based on the selected market Activity for the specified symbol category, exchange, and number of results.

Results - Displays the symbols that match the selected Activity and related parameters.

How do you use it?

The Hot Lists window displays a list of results based on the criteria that you select. You can change the criteria either directly in the Hot Lists window or on the Select Hot List dialog. To change the Hot List results:

  1. Click the Activity pull-down.
  2. Scroll up or down and select an activity filter from the list. Click the plus sign plus sign to expand any folders and see more choices. Navigate to the Hot List activity Hot List activity that you want, and click it once. The display updates with the results.
  3. Optional:
    • Change any of the other drop-down items such as Category, Exchange, or Results. The Category (asset type) column affects the exchange types and Activities that are listed.
    • Choose which columns to display. From the Customize menu, click All Columns which shows the available and selected columns.
    • Change the customization for individual columns. Choose a column, and then from the Customize menu, click Selected Column.

The Hot Lists results automatically update.

The results are sorted by the column that shows an asterisk (*). The symbols that are included in the list and how they are sorted depend on the Activity and other criteria that you select. The list is dynamic and updates regularly. Scroll to the bottom of the Hot List results to see the Last Updated timestamp.

The symbols are filtered based on trade volume to eliminate stocks that have a low currency value and low number of shares traded. Filtering symbols by trade volume ensures stocks that are low-priced, but actively traded are reflected in the appropriate Hot Lists while micro-priced (less than $1) stocks with low-volume are not.

Customizing the Hot Lists window allows you the flexibility to customize the window to your personal preference. In addition, you have the option to save, and print the Hot Lists window.

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