TradeStation Client Center

The TradeStation Client Center is the online resource for accessing your customer profile, account information, other support tools, and tax preparation info.

Customer Profile

The Custom Profile section of the client center lets you manage information about you such as your login credentials and features to which you are subscribed.

 VIDEO - Changing Your Contact Info

Accounts and Funds

The Accounts and Transfer Funds sections of the client center are where you manage and fund your accounts. Here you can do things such as view your account activity, deposit and transfer funds, and access tax information.

 VIDEO - Finding Your Statements and Account Activity

Software and Support

Other sections of the client center allow you to Download Software and useful Documents as well as access a number of Support resources.

Tax Preparation

The TradeStation Tax Center provides you with information related to your TradeStation trading activity to use in preparing your taxes. TradeStation also provides answers to your frequently asked questions on reporting cost basis information (See Equities Account Questions > Cost Basis).

Watch these videos to learn more about tax preparation:

 VIDEO - Downloading TradeStation Trading Activity for Tax Preparation
Learn how to view and download your TradeStation accounts trading activity from the TradeStation Tax Center.

 VIDEO - Importing TradeStation Trading Activity into TurboTax
TradeStation provides integration with TurboTax allowing you to easily import your trading activity when preparing your taxes.

 VIDEO - Using TradeStation’s Gain/Loss Tax Management Tool
Learn how to generate reports on your gains and losses to monitor and optimize your tax position, and assist you in filing your taxes.