TradeManager - Strategy Orders

The Strategy Orders tab displays information about any trades generated by a trading strategy. When you automate a strategy applied to a chart and the market conditions meet the criteria of that strategy, a strategy order is generated and sent to this tab.

 Access from the TradeManager window by selecting the Strategy Orders tab.

For more information about automating strategies to generate orders, see Automating a Strategy. For general information, see About TradeManager.

Field Description
Symbol Filter Searches the entries for a specific symbol. Enter the symbol in the Symbol Filter box and press ENTER; the entries will be sorted by symbol and the first occurrence of the symbol entered in the Symbol Filter box is highlighted.
Account No Filters the entries by account number or account type, including All, All Equities/Options, All Futures, and individual account numbers. Select the filter that you want to use from the Account No.
Strategy Order Type Specifies the type of strategy orders that will be listed, including All Orders, Active Orders, Filled Orders, Canceled Orders, and Ignored Orders. For general information, see About TradeManager.

For column descriptions, see TradeManager Column Library.

Sending Staged Orders

Select a staged order and use the shortcut menu to send the selected order directly or send all staged orders.

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