TradeManager - Strategy Positions

The Strategy Positions tab allows you to track your strategy positions against your "real" positions in order to identify any potential discrepancies. For general information, see About TradeManager.

 Access from the TradeManager window by selecting the Strategy Positions tab.

The entries are color-coded so you can see them at a glance. Winning positions are highlighted in green and losing positions are highlighted in red. There is an update indication for the Symbol column also - whenever there is a change in P/L, the Symbol column is briefly highlighted in yellow.

Field Description
Symbol Filter Searches the entries for a specific symbol. Enter the symbol in the Symbol Filter box and press ENTER; the entries will be sorted by symbol and the first occurrence of the symbol entered in the Symbol Filter box is highlighted.
Account No Filters the entries by account number or account type, including All, All Equities/Options, All Futures, and individual account numbers. Select the filter that you want to use from the Account No.
Strategy Order Type Specifies the type of strategy orders that will be listed, including All Orders, Active Orders, Filled Orders, Canceled Orders, and Ignored Orders.

For column descriptions, see TradeManager Column Library.

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