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The Positions tab displays the positions that are currently open. You have an open position when you have entered into either a long or a short trade, and have not yet exited. Once you establish a long position, you have an open long position until such time as you liquidate all long shares or contracts. Likewise, if you have an open short position, you remain open short until you close out the position. For general information, see About TradeManager.

 Access from the TradeManager window by selecting the Positions tab.

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The entries are color-coded so you can see them at a glance. Winning positions are highlighted in green; losing positions are highlighted in red. There is an update indication for the Symbol column also - whenever there is a change in P/L, the Symbol column is briefly highlighted in yellow.

To search positions for a specific symbol, enter the symbol in the Symbol box. Entries will be sorted by symbol and the first occurrence of the symbol entered in the Symbol box is highlighted. You can also filter the entries by account number by selecting the desired account number to view from the Account No drop-down list.

The Positions tab contains columns that you can use to sort your positions. To add or remove columns, right mouse-click on any column name to view the shortcut menu, and choose Customize Columns. For more information, view the Customize Columns and Rows help topic. For column descriptions, see the TradeManager Column Library.

In addition, you have the ability of tracking realized and unrealized profit and loss by symbol and the ability of displaying flat positions. The Positions tab provides the following columns of information.

Field Description
Symbol Filter Searches the entries for a specific symbol. Enter the symbol in the Symbol Filter box and press ENTER; the entries will be sorted by symbol and the first occurrence of the symbol entered in the Symbol Filter box is highlighted.
Account No Filters the entries by account number. Select the filter(s) that you want to use from the Account No.


When you are on the Positions tab, you can right-mouse click on a single row to access several actions. Note that some actions may be grayed out when they do not apply to the selected position.

For more information, view Closing or Reversing a Position in TradeManager.

To exit a position using strategy automation, see Strategy Properties - Automation.

Right-mouse click on the column names at the top of the Positions tab and choose Customize Columns to add or remove available columns to the tab.

For column descriptions, see TradeManager Column Library.

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