TradeManager - Staged Orders

The Staged Orders tab displays the list of staged orders that have been previously created and saved on your computer. It also contains columns that you can use to sort your staged orders.

 Access from the TradeManager window by selecting the Staged Orders tab.

To add or remove columns, right mouse-click on any column name to view the shortcut menu, and choose Customize Columns. For more information, view the Customize Columns and Rows help topic. For general information, see About TradeManager.

Field Description
Symbol Filter Searches the entries for a specific symbol. Enter the symbol in the Symbol Filter box and press ENTER; the entries will be sorted by symbol and the first occurrence of the symbol entered in the Symbol Filter box is highlighted.
Account No Filters the entries by account number. Select the filter(s) that you want to use from the Account No.

For column descriptions, see TradeManager Column Library.

Sending Staged Orders

When you are on the Staged Orders tab, you can right-mouse click on a single row and choose Send Now [order details], Send All Orders, or Customize at TradeStation Trade Bar.

Sorting Staged Orders

Double-click on the desired column heading to sort the order using the selected column parameters.

Customizing Staged Orders

Staged Orders can be changed in the following ways:

  • Click any field of the staged order that has a drop-down arrow to directly change its value, such as the order type, quantity, etc.
  • You can right-mouse click on a single row to edit the order. The order details are copied to the Trade Bar, where you can change settings. Click the Update button on the order bar to save the changes for the selected staged order, or click Ignore to not make any changes

Deleting a Staged Order

You can right-mouse click on a single row to Delete Staged Order(s). A confirm dialog appears; click OK to delete the order or cancel to make no changes.

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