Add/Arrange Symbols

The Add/Arrange Symbols dialog allows you to add and rearrange the symbols to your personal preference for the Hot Lists and Quotes tickers. Individual symbols or symbol list can be added to a Hot Lists or Quotes ticker. The maximum concurrent number of symbols that you can have in all Quotes tickers in your Ticker Bar is 1000.

 For more information to add individual symbols or a custom symbol list, see About Symbol Lists.

 From the TradeStation Ticker Bar, access by using the shortcut menu New Ticker and select Hot Lists, News, or Quotes. The Add/Arrange Symbols dialog is displayed.

 From the Quotes Ticker, access by using the shortcut menu \Add/Arrange Symbols. The Add/Arrange Symbols dialog is displayed.


  • Enter the desired symbol you want to add to the selected ticker in the Symbol box.

  • Add - Inserts individual symbols to the Symbol/Description box. Symbols added will displayed in the Quotes ticker.
  • Lookup - Launches the Symbol Lookup dialog. Using Lookup allows you to search for symbols in depth by different asset types.
  • Add List - Launches the Add Symbol List dialog. Using Add List allows you to add a built-in or custom symbol list in the selected ticker.
  • Delete - Removes the selected symbol from the Symbol/Description box. This will remove the symbol from the selected ticker.
  • Move Up/Move Down - Changes the sort order of the symbols in the Symbol/Description box. The order in which they appear is the order in which they will be displayed in the selected ticker.

 Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without any changes.