Editing a Staged Order

Staged Orders are pre-formatted orders that are saved by TradeStation and can be placed at a later time by the user. Modifying staged orders can be done from the Staged Orders tab of the TradeManager by clicking on the any cell of an order.

Editing Staged Orders using the Trade Bar

  1. Select the desired Asset tab from the Trade Bar.
  2. Click the Stage button.
  3. If staged orders were previously created, click Display all staged orders to access the Staged Orders tab in TradeManager.

Editing Staged Orders using TradeManager

  1. From TradeManager, click the Staged Orders tab.
  2. Click any cell in a staged order and enter a new value. Staged Orders do not automatically place the order.
  3. Close or minimize the TradeManager window when you are done editing all Staged Orders.
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