News Filter - General

The News Filter - General dialog allows you to create and customize the News filters by using headlines, symbols, symbols lists, and keywords as your filter and search criteria. In addition, you can enable window linking, change dates, date ranges, add or remove provider categories/sources, modify the maximum number of headlines to load, as well as enable and disable alerts for each filter. In addition, you can customize the columns, and resize the filter's icon size to your preference. When you add a News window to your workspace, the News Filter - General window opens automatically with General tab displayed.

Access from a News window using the main menu Data > Search News (customize filter) sequence, or the Headline Pane shortcut menu Add News Filter sequence, and select the General tab. The News Filter - General dialog is displayed.

 From the Ticker Bar, access using the shortcut menu New Ticker > News sequence. The News Filter - General dialog is displayed.


Displays the last symbol used or the symbol that is currently displayed in the News window. If no symbol is displayed in the News window, the Name box will be empty. In addition, the Name box can be used to create a customized filter containing any symbols you want. This is a great way to create your own watch list for specific symbol-related news stories that you are interested in.

  • To enter symbol(s) manually, enter the symbol in the Symbol box or use Lookup.
  • To create a new filter using a customized name, type a new name in the Name box to include symbols to the named filter.
    • To add symbols to the new filter, use the Symbol List setting to add the desired symbols manually and click Add.
    • To add symbols from an existing list, click Add List to include the selected symbols to the new name News filter.

      Once you add the desired symbol lists and/or symbols using the new name News filter, the new News filter is added to the Filter pane or a new News window is displayed.


Contains the types of news filters that are available. Displays the symbols and exchanges associated with the selected custom symbol list.

  • All Headlines - Select this setting to display all the current day's headlines in the News window. The number of headlines to load are 25 by default. To change the limits, see News Filter - Settings. The Historical Headlines options on the Settings tab do not apply to keyword filters.
  • Symbol - Select this setting to add a specific symbol you want filtered in the News window.
    • To add a symbol you know, select this setting and type the symbol.
    • To add a symbol using a description or specified asset type, select this setting and click Lookup. The Symbol Lookup dialog is displayed.
  • Symbol List - Select this setting to add or change symbols to a symbol list for news stories that cover more than one security.
    • To add symbols using a symbol list, select this setting and click Add List. The Add Symbol List dialog is displayed.
    • To add symbols manually, select this setting and type the symbol in the symbol box. Click Add and the symbol will be displayed in the Symbol list. Repeat this step until all desired symbols are in the Symbol list.
    • To remove symbols from a symbol list, select the desired symbol(s) to remove from the symbol list and click Remove. The filter will remain intact, only removing the symbols you desire from the symbol list.
  • Keyword - Select this setting to search a specific keyword in a headline or news story (headlines or news stories displayed are based on the providers, categories, and sources selected). To search for a keyword, select this setting and type a specific criteria to search for.

"AND", "OR", and "NOT" in between keywords can be used to narrow your search results. For example, to search for "interest rates", and not include any headlines containing "market", enter "Interest AND rates AND NOT market" in the Keyword box.

  • Lookup - Launches the Symbol Lookup dialog.
  • Add - Adds the desired symbol to the symbol list box. Repeat this step until all the desired symbols are added to the symbol list box. The added symbols in the symbol list box will be added to the News window.
  • Add List - Launches the Add Symbol List dialog which allows you to add symbols from the selected symbol lists to the News filter dialog.
  • Remove - Removes the selected symbol from the symbol list box.  

Window linking

Window linking allows you to link symbol filters to other TradeStation windows. For example, if you were following stock ABC in a Chart Analysis window, you could link it to a symbol filter in a News window using window linking. In the News window, window linking is only available when using Symbol as the News filter.

To link a symbol filter to other windows using the window linking feature, you must enable the filter first.

 Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without any changes.

To return to the News Filter - General dialog from the main News window, right-mouse click on any Filter Name and click Customize Filter.

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