TradeStation Help

Managing Alerts and Messages

TradeStation provides you with alerts and messaging notifications that advise and inform you when market conditions are met based on the alert criteria specified when you apply an analysis technique or a drawing object to a chart, and for a single cell, group of cells (inputs) within an indicator column, or an entire indicator column for grid-based applications.

Using alerts and messages allows you to set a criteria so that you are notified when a criteria is met. For example, if you want a notification for when the total volume exceeds a specific number, you have the ability to set an alert and/or display a message once the Total Volume column has met the criteria. You can do this by enabling the alerts and messaging, and editing the input value for the indicator column. Once the alert is enabled or triggered, it is sent to the TradeStation Message Center. The Message Center provides detailed information related to the alert conditions you've created, as well as messages provided by your criteria and other information provided by TradeStation. Alerts provide an Alert Notification window that appears on the desktop once the alert condition has been met. Messages are sent using an email address.

Types of Alerts and Messages

There are three types of alerts you can enable using the Notification Preferences dialog. Alerts can be created to hear a sound, display a notification popup window, or setup an email address to receive alert messages once an alert criteria you specified has been met. In addition, alerts can be setup up globally where alerts are controlled for all supported TradeStation window using the Message Center.

You cannot enable alerts for strategies. However, you can automate a strategy to generate trading orders when market conditions meet the criteria specified by the strategy. For more information on automating strategies, see Automating a Strategy.

For a Chart Analysis window, you must enable the alert for each individual analysis technique or drawing object and also configure your messaging options in the Message Center. For more details, see Setting Up Messaging Preferences.

 To quickly set an alert using the default settings, select the desired analysis technique, drawing object or cell(s), and use the shortcut menu to select alert > alert once, alert once per bar, or alert continuously. To set an alert or message, and customize the settings, use the Format Analysis Technique - Alerts dialog.