Customizing a Symbol in the Chart Analysis Window

The Customize Symbol dialog allows you to customize a symbol to your specifications. You can customize the symbol as you create the chart or once you've created it. If you create the chart without customizing the symbol, the chart will be created using the default symbol settings.

 Access from a Chart Analysis window using the Data > Edit Symbol menu sequence. The Customize Symbol dialog is displayed.

Following is a brief description of what each tab contains:

  • Settings - Select a symbol and choose the data interval, date range, subgraph, and time zone for the selected symbol. You can also access and modify session information for the exchange on which the selected symbol is traded.
  • Style - Modify the symbol's bar type and bar components as well as the bar colors representing the regular session and outside the regular session. You can also choose whether to display an update indication for the chart.
  • Scaling - Used to set axis type, scale type, scale range, and other scale display settings.
  • Properties - This is a display-only tab that contains detailed information about the symbol such as price scale, session, big point value, and minimum move.

 For the Customize Symbol dialog to automatically open after the creation of a chart, use the menu bar Settings > Preferences menu sequence. From the General tab, check the Prompt for customization when creating new Chart Analysis... windows setting and click OK.  

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