Save Template (Hot Lists Ticker)

The Save Template dialog allows you to save your Hot Lists ticker settings as a template for future use. You can then apply the template to a new Hot Lists ticker and save the time of reformatting it to match your preferences. By saving a template, it prevents you from having to recreate the desired style you prefer for future Hot Lists tickers.  

The following characteristics can be saved to a Hot Lists ticker template: fields, field order, field style settings, field display settings (stacked or side by side), general properties, font properties, and color properties.

  1. Make the necessary changes to the Hot Lists ticker by using the customize fields dialog and/or applying an existing template.

 From the Hot Lists ticker, access using the shortcut menu Settings > Template > Save Template menu sequence. The Save Template dialog is displayed.  

Template Name  

  • Enter the desired name for the new Hot List template in the Template box.

Existing Templates  

Contains a list of predefined TradeStation templates and additional templates that have been created.

  • Select the desired template to override the existing template settings with a new template name. Once you override an existing template's name, you can not restore the original template unless you reinstall the TradeStation platform.

 Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without changes.

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