The Confirm dialog is used to review an order before actually sending it to the market. Clicking Yes sends the order as described, clicking No closes the dialog without sending anything.  

Under "Would you like to place the following order(s)?", a summary of the order to be placed is provided, including:

  • Order name (Buy, Sell Short, etc.) - The number of shares/contracts, symbol, price and order type (with Limit/Stop prices as appropriate).
  • Route - The route to use for placing the order (Intelligent or ECN name).
  • Duration - The duration of the order.
  • Account - The brokerage account number to be used for the order.
  • Estimated Price/Cost - An estimated value that is calculated using current market information. The actual cost for Market orders and orders with conditions, such as Trailing Stop or Activation Rule orders, may differ significantly from this estimate.
  • Estimated Commission - An estimated value that is calculated using the published TradeStation commission schedule.
  • Initial Margin - A required margin for opening a position.
  • Advanced (optional) - The Details button allows you to see the information regarding the Advanced options that were selected for the order that is being placed.
  • Don't show me this again for Trade Bar and Macros [asset type] orders - Check this setting to bypass the Confirm dialog, and places the order directly.
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