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About the Download Scheduler

The Download Scheduler helps manage the scheduling of large data requests from the TradeStation Data Network. The TradeStation Data Network has certain short-term data allowances. If you make a data request that exceeds a short-term data allowance, the Download Scheduler Request window will appear so that you can schedule a download for the amount of data exceeding the allowance. You can view all pending downloads in the Download Scheduler window.

For example, say the short-term allowance for tick data is 5 days. If you open a new MSFT chart for 50 days of tick data, the Download Scheduler Request window appears so you can set up a download for the 45 days of tick data that exceed the short-term allowance. If you open a second MSFT chart for 30 days of tick data, you will not need to schedule another download because there is an existing download scheduled for 45 days of MSFT tick data that will cover the second chart. In this case, the Download Scheduled window will display, listing all pending downloads (including the symbol, interval, and range of data).

When a Chart Analysis window is waiting for a download, it will indicate this status by displaying a yellow  marker on the left side of the chart status line.

This pending download indication will appear before each symbol in the chart status line. If you hover over this indication with your pointer, you will see a "Pending data for" tooltip that lists the pending download information.

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