TradeStation Help

Reloading and Recalculating Charts after a Download

You can choose if you want to reload and recalculate your existing Chart Analysis windows after a scheduled download of historical data is complete. This applies only to Chart Analysis windows that contain at least one analysis technique with an alert enabled or at least one strategy. You can set your preferences for this behavior in the Chart Analysis Preferences dialog on the Data tab.

Any closed windows or workspaces that are opened after the data is received are updated with the new data the next time that you open them. In addition, any Chart Analysis windows that are open and not updated when the download is complete (because the Do not automatically reload/recalculate preferences are active) will be updated the next time that you open the Chart Analysis window or the workspace containing it.

 Download data preferences are global settings; they apply to all Chart Analysis windows in all of your workspaces.

Setting download data preferences

  1. From the Menu bar, click View > Chart Analysis Preferences and click the Data tab.
  2. Under Upon receiving all the historical data in a scheduled download, select the desired preference you want to use:
  3. Click OK when finished.