TradeStation Help

Scheduling a Download

In order to schedule a download, your data request must exceed the short-term data allowance that TradeStation recognizes. In this example, it shows that a MSFT chart for 1 year back of tick data and a DELL chart for 2 years back of tick data is displayed on the Chart Analysis window.   

  1. Open a chart displaying the desired symbol to schedule a download.
  2. From the Menu Bar, click Format > Symbol. The Format Symbol dialog is displayed.
  3. Under Interval Settings and Range sections, make the appropriate changes to back date the tick data.
  4. Click OK. The Download Scheduler Request dialog displays all long range tick data that has been entered.
  5. Place a check mark next to the symbol(s) to schedule a download.

    If you do not want to schedule a download for a particular symbol, clear the check mark from the corresponding check box and it will not be included in the download request.

  6. Select when time frame of downloading the data, As soon as possible or During off-peak hours.
  1. Click OK when finished.

When a Chart Analysis window is waiting for a download, it will indicate the status by displaying a yellow square with the letters "PD":