Ticker Bar Preferences

The Ticker Bar Preferences allows you to customize the ticker bar to your personal preference.

 Access from the tDesktop Preferences - Desktop Bars dialog or from the Ticker Bar section and click Preferences. The Ticker Bar Preferences dialog is displayed.

 Access from Ticker shortcut menu using the Settings > Fields menu sequence. The Customize Fields dialog is displayed.

 From the TradeStation Ticker Bar, using the shortcut menu and select Floating Window, Auto Hide, Always on Top, or Auto Close Ticker Bar with Platform.   

  • Auto-Close Ticker Bar with Platform - Check this setting to automatically close the ticker bar when you exit TradeStation. Data continues to be sent from the TradeStation server until you close the ticker bar. Clear the setting to keep the ticker bar opened after you exit TradeStation.
  • Floating - Check this setting to have the TradeStation Ticker Bar from a docked position to a floating position. Double-click the TradeStation Ticker Bar's title bar to return to the docked position.
  • Always on Top - Check this setting for the TradeStation Ticker Bar to always reside on top of other open application windows. You can use the floating setting to enhance this feature, and drag it to the desired location on our desktop.
  • Auto Hide - Check this setting to automatically hide the ticker bar when you are not using it so that it is not visible until you move your pointer over the edge of the desktop where it is docked. Clear this setting to keep the ticker bar displayed on the desktop. Auto Hide can only be enabled if the ticker bar is in the docked position.