Displaying Multiple Tickers in the Same Row

Once you have established the tickers you want displayed in the TradeStation Ticker Bar, you can move and reposition the tickers to the desired location. You can have more than one ticker located on the same ticker row of another. Two tickers may share the same row, yet they retain their own properties, since they are individual tickers.

The number of tickers that you can display in the same row is limited depending on the minimum ticker width (the area required to display one quote with the requested fields). If adding an additional ticker to a row requires resizing the remaining tickers smaller than the minimum ticker width, TradeStation will not allow you to add the ticker to the row, and it will be returned to its original location.

 Position your mouse to the left of the desired ticker row to move, and the move handle will be displayed. Click and drag the ticker to the desired location row.

The TradeStation Ticker Bar displays multiple tickers in the same row: