Customize Hot Lists Ticker - General

The Customize Hot Lists Ticker - General dialog allows you to set the preference for the selected ticker's speed and direction. Each ticker's settings are independent from other tickers shown in the TradeStation Ticker Bar.

 Access from Hot Lists Ticker shortcut menu using the Settings > Hot List Ticker menu sequence and select the General tab.

Scroll Speed  

Controls the speed of the selected ticker.

  • Click and drag the arrow to the desired speed for the selected ticker.
  • Slow scroll speed when pointer hovers over the Ticker - Check this setting to reduce the speed of the ticker to the slowest setting when your mouse is hovered over the selected ticker.

Scroll Direction  

Contains the settings for the ticker's direction.

  • Select the desired direction for the ticker.
  • Display Rank Number - Check this setting to display how the Hot Lists window ranks the symbols in the ticker. Used only for the Hot Lists tickers.

Set as default - Check this setting to use to save any changes that you made for all future tickers. Only available for News and Quotes tickers.

 Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without changes.

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