Status Bar

The Status Bar appears at the bottom of the desktop and displays a summary of the account selected on the order bar along with order placement indicators, connection status, and current date/time. The Status Bar may be toggled to display or hide using the View > Platform ToolBars > Status Bar Menu bar sequence. 

Account Summary

A brief summary of the account currently selected on the order bar includes position, buying power, and P/L values that match the current tabbed section of the order bar.   

  • Account- Displays the account that is summarized which is the currently selected account on the order bar.
  • Open Positions- The total number of open positions for the specified account and trading instrument (based on the order bar tab selected).
  • Buying Power- The real-time marginable Buying Power for the specified account.
  • Open P/L- The real-time unrealized P/L for open positions for the specified account and current trading instrument.
  • Closed P/L- The real-time realized P/L for today for the specified account.


Displays the current date and time from your local computer.

Trading / Connection Status

The status bar displays whether you are trading on a Live account or a Simulated Account. If you are trading on a Live account, Trading: Live will be displayed; trading on a Simulated account, Trading: Sim will be displayed. For more information, see Live Trading or Simulated Trading.

The connection status displays the status of the TradeStation Data Network where Data indicates that you have an active connection to the trade server and Data informs you that the connection is not active. No orders will be transmitted and no data will be received if the TradeStation Data Network connection is not active. Double-clicking on an active connection status will disconnect the data network and double-clicking will allow you to try logging on to reconnect.