TradeStation Network Preferences - Cache

Use the Cache tab to set the cache properties for the TradeStation Network.

 Access using the menu bar File > Preferences > Network menu sequence and select the Cache tab.

  • Delete data from cache if not accessed for [ ] days - Enter the number of days to store data since the last date it was accessed. Once any specific data has not been accessed in the specified number of days, that specific data will be deleted from the cache. The number of days that can be entered range from 0 to 20000.
  • Number of days back - historical corrections Only for Time & Sales - Enter a number (1 - 30) for how many days TradeStation keeps historical, single-tick corrections. These are stored locally. TradeStation recommends the default setting of 7 days.
  • Cache directory: - Enter or click Browse to launch the Browse for Folder dialog that allows you to change the default location in where to save cached data.

Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without changes.