Using TradeStation Crypto

The TradeStation Crypto workspace provides a variety of tools for following the cryptocurrency markets.


The workspace consists of an upper and lower section (items 3-7 and 10) that always appears and a middle section that displays the Trade Room view, by default, or the My Account view, when selected.

For more information, refer to the numbered items below:

TradeStation Crypto Layout

1 Chart Grid Selector

Clicking this button allows you to select your preferred chart grid layout for the Trade Room. You can choose from a variety of layouts that include one to four chart grids.

2 Symbol View and Quick View

Clicking the + sign opens the symbol view list which provides access to the universe of cryptocurrencies. Clicking a symbol in the list adds it to the quick view panel to the right of the + sign.

3 View Mode Toggle

Allows you to switch between Day mode and Night mode for the display.

4 User Account

Clicking the account number or the My Account button opens the My Account view where you can make deposits or withdrawals, set preferences, view your transactions report, and get help.

5 Sign Out

Clicking this logs you out of the TradeStation Crypto workspace.

6 Cryptocurrency Selector

Allows you to select cryptocurrencies for which you want to display balances. You can drag the cryptocurrencies in the drop-down list to change their order and where they appear in cryptocurrency balances (see next item).

7 Cryptocurrency Balances

Displays the account balance for each cryptocurrency selected (see previous item). Clicking the icon to the left of any cryptocurrency symbol opens the My Account view (see User Account).

9 Chart Grid

The chart grid is where you select analysis and trade applications that you want to use for a specific symbol. Applications include the Order Book, Time and Sales, Depth Chart, Price Chart, and Order Form. Use the Chart Grids button (see above) to change the number and layout of your chart grids.

10 Trade Management

Select a tab to open one of the following trade management tools:

  • Orders - Shows the status of all open orders. Click the trash can to cancel an order.
  • Events - Displays a log of recent order-related events, including submitted, rejected, and executed orders. Use the drop-down list at the top to specify the period.
  • Dealings - Shows the orders and quotes for your Favorite symbols. Click the Buy or Sell button for an order form.
  • Rates - Summarizes the prices and spread for the available symbols.

11 Status Line

Displays version information about TradeStation Crypto.