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image\drawtool_crosshair.gif Crosshairs Pointer

The Crosshairs pointer is a charting tool that allows you to locate exact points on a chart. For example, you can find the precise point on a line chart or a Point & Figure chart and view price data that corresponds to that point. Information displayed in the DataTip relates to the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines that make up the Crosshairs pointer. The Crosshairs pointer does not allow you to select or move objects in a chart, but you can still select menu options and toolbar buttons. To format an object using the Crosshairs pointer, you must place your pointer on the object you want to select and use the shortcut menu.

  1. From the Menu bar, click Drawing > Crosshairs Pointer. You can also click the Crosshairs Pointer image\drawtool_crosshair.gif icon on toolbar.
  1. Click and hold down the mouse on the chart, and drag the Crosshairs pointer. A DataTip appears for any point on the chart where you move your mouse.

    Information in the DataTip corresponds directly to the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines extending from the Crosshairs Pointer.
  1. Release the mouse button and the DataTip disappears. To change pointers, select a different pointer from the Drawing menu or the toolbar.

To have a vertical line remain on your chart at the last pointer location on charts, enable one of the Drawing >Pointer Tracking Menu bar sequence settings. For more information, see Pointer Tracking Settings.