TradeStation Help

Changing the Time Zone in a Chart

You can choose to display your charts in your local time or in the exchange's time. This does not affect how data is stored; it only affects the display of the data. The default display time is your local time (TradeStation determines your time zone from your computer's time settings). Also, you cannot mix the two time zones in a single chart; for example, you cannot plot one symbol in local time and another in the same chart with exchange time.

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window.
  2. From the Menu bar, click Format > Symbol. The Format Symbol [symbol] dialog is displayed.
  3. For a Multi-Data chart, the Format Symbols dialog will display a listing of symbols you have plotted in Data1, Data2, etc.
  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. From the TimeZone drop-down list, select the display time: Local or Exchange.
  3. Click OK or Close. The change takes effect immediately.