Analysis Techniques & Strategies

New Low SE (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
PeriodType Numeric 1 Used to indicate the time period to use to evaluate a new low.


Short entry based on a new low for the specified time period


This strategy checks for a new low value of the specified time period (PeriodType). A short entry order is generated for the next bar at one point below the lowest low of the current period. PeriodType can be replaced with any of the following values:

HiPeriod Time frame
2 Daily
3 Weekly
4 Monthly
5 Yearly
Below 2 or above 5 Entire chart

For PeriodType values of 2-5, each new time period (new day, new week, and so on) occurs, the lowest value will be reset to the first low of the new time period.

Order Name: NewLo

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