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MovAvg Cross SE (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
Price Numeric Close Price upon which the moving average is based.
Length Numeric 9 Number of bars used to calculate the moving average.
ConfirmBars Numeric 1 Number of consecutive bars in which the price must be less than the moving average.


Short entry based on prices being below a moving average for a consecutive number of bars.


A short entry order is placed at the open of the next bar when the Price (Input) crosses below the moving average and remains below it for ConfirmBars (Input) number of bars.

You can change the Price and Length (Input) used to calculate the moving average, as well as the number of bars the Price must be above the average. When the input ConfirmBars is set to 1, the short entry order is generated immediately upon the crossover.

Order Name: MACrossSE

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