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Fundamntl & RSI LE (Strategy)

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The Fundamntl RSI LE strategy is used for long entries and first determines if the fundamental setup conditions are met,  then buys when the RSI crosses over the RSI oversold level.  

Input Information

Name Type Default Description
FundField String SDBF Specifies the short name of the fundamental data to read.
MomOrAccel_Oor1 Numeric 0 Sets whether to base the setup conditions on momentum or acceleration.   0 = momentum,   1 = acceleration
RSILength Numeric 14 Sets the number of bars used to calculate the RSI.
OverSold Numeric 30 Sets the RSI oversold level.


Long entry based on meeting the specified momentum or acceleration setup condition.  Once met, a buy order will be triggered when the RSI value crosses over the specified RSI oversold level.   For more information on the fundamental setup, refer to the FundSetup function.


Order Name: FundRSILE

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