Analysis Techniques & Strategies

Fundamntl & Chan LE (Strategy)

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The Fundamntl & Chan LE strategy is used for long entries and first determines if the fundamental setup conditions are met,  then buys when the price breaks above the highest price over a range of bars.  

Input Information

Name Type Default Description
FundField String SDBF Specifies the short name of the fundamental data to read.
MomOrAccel_Oor1 Numeric 0 Sets whether to base the setup conditions on momentum or acceleration.   0 = momentum,   1 = acceleration
ChannelLength Numeric 6 Sets number of bars above which price must break to trigger long entry.


Long entry based on meeting the specified momentum or acceleration setup condition.  Once met, a buy order will be triggered when price breaks above the highest high over a specified number of bars.    For more information on the fundamental setup, refer to the FundSetup function.


Order Name: FundChanLE

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