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Dollar Trailing LX (Strategy)

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The Dollar Trailing LX strategy is used to set a trailing stop to exit a long position when prices move down a specified number of dollars (in terms of either a total position or share/contract amount) from the highest price since entry.  

This strategy uses a built-in stop that will exit within any bar (except the bar of entry) whenever the trailing stop amount is reached.   For more information about dollar trailing exits, see Dollar Trailing.

This strategy will only generate an exit on a long position.

  The calculation for this strategy does not take commission or slippage into account.

Input Information

Name Type Default Description
Amount$ Numeric 1 The dollar loss from the highest entry price at which point the position will be closed.
PositionBasis True/False False True/False trigger allowing you to calculate Amount$ either per position or per share. To calculate profit per position, enter True.

Order Name

$ Trailing Stop

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