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Breakeven Stop SX (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
FloorAmt Numeric 1 The profit amount (in dollars) that must be exceeded before the breakeven stop is activated.
PositionBasis True/False False True/False trigger allowing you to calculate profit either per position or per share. To calculate profit per position, enter True.


Short exit for use with any short position.


When the profit (for the position or per share) exceeds the breakeven floor, an exit order is generated. The exit order is a stop order placed at a value of the entry price plus the commission specified. For more information on adjusting a strategy for costs, refer to Adjusting a Strategy for Costs.

The profit on a per position basis is calculated by subtracting any commissions specified from the overall position profit. The profit on a per share basis is calculated by dividing the overall position profit by the number of shares.

The stop in this strategy only takes effect once the specified profit amount is reached. If a trade does not reach the specified profit level, it will not take effect.

This strategy will only generate an exit from a short position.

  The calculation for this strategy does not take commission or slippage into account.

Order Name

Breakeven Stop

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