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Bollinger Bands SE (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
BollingerPrice Numeric Close A bar price or other value used to calculate the center-line average.
TestPriceUBand Numeric Close Triggers placement of stop order at UpperBand when this price crosses under UpperBand.
Length Numeric 20 Number of bars used to calculate the Bollinger band.
NumDevsDn Numeric 2 Number of Standard Deviations for the Bollinger band.


Short entry based on the high price crossing below the upper Bollinger Band.


Bollinger Bands are generally placed two standard deviations above and below the market. Prices within the standard deviations are said to be 'normal' prices. Whenever the price moves above the upper band, this strategy generates a sell stop order for the next bar when the high price of the current bar has crossed back below the upper band. The stop value is the level of the upper Bollinger band.

You can change the number of bars and standard deviation used to calculate the Bollinger band.

Order Name: BBandSE

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