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ATR Trgt & Trail SX (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
ATRLength Numeric 5 The number of bars to include in the calculation of the average true range.
NumATRs Numeric 2 Multiplier of the average true range, subtracted from the price of entry to determine the stop value.
NumBars Numeric 5 Number of bars into a position at which the trailing stop is activated.


Short exit based on the amount of profit generated in relation to the market volatility.


This strategy calculates a market-based profit target and a delayed trailing stop. The profit target is calculated as NumATRs (Input) times the average true range of the last ATRLength (Input) bars below the entry. The delayed trailing stop will take effect once the number of bars in the position exceeds NumBars (Input).

Order Name: MktTgtSX-Lim, MktTgtSX-Stop

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