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_StpOrLim Exit (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
SellOrCover Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of exit; use 1 for Sell, 2 for Cover.
StopOrLimit Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of order; use 1 for Stop, 2 for Limit.
TriggerPrice Numeric 100 Used to indicate the price at which to set either the Stop or Limit order.
ExitQuantity Numeric 1000 Specifies the number of shares to exit from the position.


Exit of a user-specified number of shares from a long or short position at a user-specified price point.


The _StopOrLim Exit strategy allows you to generate an exit order (either Sell or Buy To Cover) at specified price and quantity. You may use this strategy to partially exit a position.

Order Name: Sell, Sell #2, Cover, Cover #2 (system-generated default names)

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