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_Single StpOrLim En (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
LongOrShort Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of entry, 1 for Long, 2 for Short.
StopOrLimit Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of order, 1 for Stop, 2 for Limit.
DayOrGTF Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of order behavior; use 1 for a Day order, 2 for good-till-filled (GTF.)
TriggerPrice Numeric 100 Used to indicate the price at which to set either the Stop or Limit order.
Quantity Numeric 1000 Specifies the number of shares to enter into the position.
EntryBarDate_YYMMDD Numeric 020102 Date of the entry bar, in YYMMDD format.This is not the EasyLanguage date; YY represents the last two digits for a 20XX year. For example, March 16, 2001 would be 010316.
EntryBarTime_HHMM Numeric 1300 Time of the entry bar, in 24 hour HHMM format. This value is only used in an intra-day chart


Entry (long or short) that will be generated at a bar specified by date and time. This entry order will stay active for the rest of the day or until filled, depending on the input.


The _Single StopOrLim En strategy will generate a future order at a specified date and/or time. You may indicate the specific criteria of the entry (long or short, stop or limit, stop or limit price, number of shares, date and/or time), as well as whether the order is good-till-canceled or good for the rest of the day only.

The strategy will indicate the order when the bar with the matching date and/or time is generated. If the trigger price is not met in an appropriate manner (stop or limit), the trade may not be generated.

This strategy will only work on charts using an Intra-day or Daily bar interval.

Order Name: Buy, Buy #2, Short, or Short #2 (system-generated default names)

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