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_Single 2dir Rnge En (Strategy)

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Input Information

Name Type Default Description
DayOrGTF Numeric 1 Used to indicate the type of order behavior; use 1 for a Day order, 2 for good-till-filled (GTF.)
RangeHi Numeric 105 Indicates the High value of the range to enter long on a stop.
RangeLo Numeric 95 Indicates the Low value of the range to enter short on a stop.
Quantity Numeric 1000 Specifies the number of shares to enter into the position.
EffectiveBarDate_YYMMDD Numeric 020102 Date on which the order should become active, in YYMMDD format.
EffectiveBarTime_HHMM Numeric 1300 Time at which the order should become active, in 24 hour HHMM format. This value is only used in an intra-day chart


Non-directional entry that will be generated upon the breakout of a defined price range, via a Stop order. The entry generated will be long or short, depending on which side of the range is reached first.


The _Single 2dir Rnge En strategy will generate a single entry (either short or long) on a stop, given the breakout of a specified price range. You may indicate the number of shares, the date, and/or time that the order becomes active (for intra-day charts).

This strategy will only work on charts using an Intra-day or Daily bar interval.

Order Name: Buy, Short (system-generated default names)

Related Strategy: None

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