Adding Studies to a Chart or Grid Window

TradeStation provides a large selection of studies that can be used to analyze data. These include indicators, ShowMe and PaintBar studies, ActivityBar studies, and ProbabilityMap studies. You can change the parameters (inputs) used in the calculation of a study to better suit your own trading objectives. Adding studies into your Chart or Grid window can also help you evaluate market actions that can be used later when building trading strategies.

 VIDEO - Adding Indicator Studies to Chart Analysis

 VIDEO - Customizing Data Columns in RadarScreen

The studies you decide to apply to your market data, as well as the interpretation of what price movement and market trend they illustrate, are subjective and ultimately determined by the investor or trader who is studying that market.

  1. From an active chart or grid window, access the Studies > Add Study menu sequence.
  2. Select the study type tab (Chart) or study type drop-down items (RadarScreen/Quotes) to display a list of study names.
  3. Select the desired study (or studies) to add to the active chart or grid.
    • Definition - Launches the Help topic for the selected study name.
    • Edit EasyLanguage - Opens the EasyLanguage document for the selected study name in the TradeStation Development Environment.
    • Import - Imports a study provided by a 3rd part from the TradeStation website or using the Import Wizard.
  1. In RadarScreen, click Add to move the selected studies from Available to Selected. Remove moves Selected studies back to Available.
  2. Optional. Check Prompt for Editing (Chart) or Customize (RadarScreen) to edit the settings for selected studies before they are added.
  3. Click OK to add the selected items or Cancel to exit without any changes.
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