Snap Mode

Snap mode is a feature that attaches a drawing object to the open, high, low, or closing price of the first and last bar it intersects. This allows you to apply a drawing object that automatically "snaps" to the closest price (open, high, low, or close) intersected on the first and last bars. This feature can be used with most drawing objects (for example, Percent Retracement, Horizontal Line, Rectangle) but is most useful for those drawing objects based on trendlines such as Arcs, Speed/Resistance Arcs, Speed/Resistance Fans, etc.

Snap mode applies only to the end points, either when you are first applying the drawing object or when you are repositioning one of the endpoints; it does not apply when you are moving the entire object. Also, you cannot use Snap mode when applying drawing objects in the empty space to the right of a chart. Snap mode is not compatible with the Standard Cycle or Fibonacci Cycle drawing tools.

Create and apply the desired drawing object to the chart. Access using the menu bar Drawing > Snap Mode menu sequence. You can also select Snap Mode from the shortcut menu. Using the same method will either enable or disable Snap Mode from the drawing object.

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