Removing a Drawing Object

You can remove either an individual drawing object or multiple drawing objects simultaneously from the chart.

  1. Select to highlight the drawing object to delete. The selection squares appear on the drawing object to indicate that it is selected.
  1. Press the DELETE key.

You can also remove a drawing object by right-clicking the object and selecting Remove from the shortcut menu.

Remove Multiple Drawing Objects Simultaneously

  1. From a Chart Analysis window, click Drawing > Remove Drawing Objects. The Remove Drawing Objects dialog will be displayed.
  1. Select the drawing object check boxes individually or click Select All to delete the objects from the chart.

    This window allows you to delete all drawing objects of a certain type from the active chart. You are able to choose only from the types you have applied to the active chart.
  1. Click OK when finished.

The select objects you selected will be removed from the chart.

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