About Toolbars

Toolbars display bars near the top of a window that contain buttons or text corresponding to the menu commands. To apply a command, click its toolbar button. If a command is unavailable, its button appears grayed-out. There are two types of toolbars in TradeStation: Platform Toolbars, and Application Toolbars.

Platform Toolbars

Access using the desktop View > Platform Toolbars menu sequence.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar appears at the top of the desktop window and includes the drop-down menu and commands that control the desktop. These menu items are available for desktop applications.

Main Toolbar

The Main toolbar contains buttons for global commands to edit workspaces, print the contents of an app window, lock specified order applications, manage hot keys and macros, and control the Symbol/Command Line.

Workspace Bar & Status Bar

The Status Bar appears at the bottom of the desktop window and includes the workspace tabs, a summary of an account and positions, and trade/data status connection indications.

Application (TradingApp) Toolbars

Access from an active application window using the desktop View > Application Toolbars menu sequence or by clicking the window Toolbar Options arrow (at the far right of the window toolbar - next to Settings) and choosing Customize.

The application toolbars appear within a specific application window, such as Chart Analysis, and contain buttons that are only applicable to that specific window type. See the window specific application topics for additional information.

Displaying or Hiding Tool Bars

The display of a tool bar may be turned off or on by right-clicking in a blank space in a workspace and checking or unchecking the Platform Toolbars > [toolbar name] item for desktop toolbars. For the active window, use the Application Toolbars > Customize > Toolbars menu sequence and check or un-check the desired items.

Customizing Toolbars

In addition, application toolbars can be customized by adding and/or removing buttons, creating your own toolbars, and changing the way buttons and tooltips appear. 

See Creating and Customizing a Toolbar for more information about toolbar customization.

Displaying or Hiding Toolbars

You can toggle the platform and application toolbar displays on and off by checking or unchecking the toolbar item in the selection menu,

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