Viewing Price Data in the DataTip

A data tip is a small box that lists the date, time, and market data for each bar on the chart, including Candlestick and Point & Figure charts. Data tips contain different data depending on what data interval you are using. All data tips contain the date, time, price, open, high, low, and close. For daily, weekly, or monthly charts, volume and open interest (futures only) is also provided. For intraday charts, the number of upticks and downticks is also provided.

For Point & Figure charts, the "V" refers to the number of ticks or bars that occurred after the last X or O was plotted but before a reversal occurred, and the "D" refers to the number of Xs or Os appearing in the current column.

To view a data tip from a Chart Analysis window, hold down your mouse button on a specific point on a chart.

Data tips are enabled by default, but you can turn them off. See Chart Analysis Preferences - Data for instructions on enabling and disabling data tips.

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