Data Window

The Data window enables you to view, in detail, the values of the price data plotted on a chart; open, high, low, and close, in addition to the values for any studies applied to the chart. If you are using a tick-based chart, the Data window displays the number of upticks and downticks for each bar. If you are using a volume-based chart, the Data window displays the trade volume for the time period of the bar. When there is more than one symbol in a chart, values for all symbols are included in the Data window. By default, the Data window shows the data bar by bar; however, you can change it to display all price values in the chart.  

 Access from Chart Analysis using the Data > Data Window menu sequence. The Data Window is now displayed.

To obtain information in the Data window about a specific bar of data in a chart, simply drag the chart pointer over the bar(s) for which you want information. The Data window automatically updates to display the data for the selected bar. You can change the view of the Data window to show data for all the bars in the chart at once, change the background color and fonts, as well as print the Data window, or export the information to an ASCII file for use in other applications.

Changing the Data Window View

You can change the Data window display so that it displays data for all bars in the chart by clicking the Show All  icon. Click the icon again to revert back to showing data only for one bar.

Printing the Data

When you click the Print icon in the Data window, all information for the selected symbol is printed, regardless of whether the Data window is displaying all data for the selected symbol or data only for the selected bar. If you want to print only selected lines of data, first save the Data Window as a ASCII Data File (see below), use Windows Notepad or another plain text editor to remove unwanted lines of data from the file, and then print the file from the editor.

Saving (Exporting) the Data Window as a ASCII Data File

You can export the information in the Data window to a file in ASCII format, enabling you to import that ASCII file into another application. Click the Save icon and specify the path and file name where to save the data as a (*.txt) file. If you have multiple systems in your chart, the Select Data Stream dialog is displayed allowing you to pick the symbol data to save. You can only save data for one symbol at a time.

Customizing the Data Window

You can modify the font and colors used in the Data window by clicking the Customize icon. See Customize Data Window for details

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